Graphic2-5-2For differential protection relays we developed and supplied 44 ratios matching current transformers for WAPDA panels. Various combinations of windings on terminal plate can give the required ratios. The current rating is 1 Amp and 5 Amps. Other details can be supplied on demand.


  • Measurement of ratio and phase angle error and accuracy class.
  • Polarity checking.
  • One minute voltage withstand test on primary.
  • One minute voltage withstand test on secondary.
  • Insulation resistance.
  • Visual inspection.

L.T./C.T. IN ABS BODY:Graphic2-6

BEC also engaged in manufacturing of L.T./C.T. in ABS body. The range varies from 30/5 Amps upto 5000/5 Amps. Its accuracy class is 1.0 & VA Burden is 1VA upto 5VA or as per customer demand.